Connecting space to village

SERVIR is a NASA and USAID partnership that supports locally led efforts to strengthen climate resilience, food and water security, forest and carbon management, and air quality.

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Where We Work

SERVIR works in more than 50 countries in Africa, Asia, Central and South America. Learn how we work with our partners to make a difference in each region

What We Do

SERVIR integrates NASA’s world class science and data with USAID’s development expertise and network of partners and relationships around the world. SERVIR harnesses the power of satellite data and science collaboration to support healthy, sustainable communities, livelihoods, and environments. 

Service Catalog

The SERVIR Global Service Catalog is a searchable collection of our demand-driven geospatial services that use Earth observations and climate data to support decision making and climate resilient development

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Service Areas

Agriculture and Food Security iconAgriculture and Food Security

SERVIR works with partner countries to strengthen food security and economic growth through sustainable, climate-resilient agriculture. This includes services that estimate crop yields, map field conditions, and analyze potential risks like drought and locust invasions.

Ecosystem and Carbon Management iconEcosystem and Carbon Management

SERVIR supports partners in monitoring and sustainable management of forests and other natural resources. SERVIR services provide actionable information to track fires, deforestation, restoration, biodiversity, and report on greenhouse gas inventories.

Weather and Climate Resilience iconWeather and Climate Resilience

SERVIR helps partner countries and communities prepare for and manage the impacts from extreme weather, floods, droughts, and landslides. SERVIR provides accessible information in support of early warning systems and management of climate hazards. 

Water Security iconWater Security

SERVIR supports reliable access to water for all. SERVIR services help partner countries monitor water quantity and quality, and promote the sustainable use of surface and groundwater.

Air Quality and Health iconAir Quality and Health

SERVIR’s services help users track environmental conditions that affect public health. This service area tracks sources of air pollution and affected areas, both for healthier populations and to mitigate climate change.

Resource Library

Explore our growing collection of use cases, training, guidance, and reports on SERVIR services in our Resource Library. 

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