New SERVIR Applied Sciences Team Announced

Published: Jun 30 2016

Through SERVIR, NASA's Earth Science Division’s Applied Sciences Program advances the use of space-based observations to inform policy and decision makers as they adapt to the impacts of global change and plan for a sustainable future. NASA’s Research Opportunities in Space and Earth Sciences (ROSES) 2015 included an Applied Sciences Program solicitation to select a new SERVIR Applied Sciences Team. Through NASA Headquarters’ peer review process, 16 proposals were selected for funding based on the panel review and the programmatic need to balance the needs identified in various thematic service areas by the four regional SERVIR hubs in Eastern and Southern Africa, Hindu Kush-Himalaya, Lower Mekong, and West Africa.

The SERVIR AST consists of 16 principal investigators (PIs) as well as the co-investigators for those projects, which are targeted toward a balanced portfolio in water and water-related disasters, food security, weather and climate, and land use and ecosystems. Each project was developed in collaboration with a regional SERVIR hub based on the needs of the region. As SERVIR Applied Sciences Team members, each investigator will also be available to advise SERVIR on issues that may arise in their areas of expertise during their service on the team. The selected PIs, their institutions, thematic areas, and titles for their selected work are listed in the table below. Further details can be found in the official announcement.

Image of top half of PI table from official announcement
Image of lower half of PI table from official announcement

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