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SERVIR Profile of Nguyen Hanh Quyen

Learn more about the SERVIR Land Cover, Land Use Change, and Ecosystems service area campaign.

Photo of Nguyen Hanh Quyen

Name: Nguyen Hanh Quyen
Affiliation: SERVIR-Mekong
Role/Title: Remote Sensing Officer
Year you joined SERVIR: 2016

Please introduce yourself. What are you passionate about?
I love nature, therefore I'm inspired to get a better understanding of nature and how everything in this world is interlinked, learning how technology can answer those questions inspired me.
I enjoy looking down at a beautiful picture of the ground through satellite image, realizing the beauty of nature.

What initially attracted you to this field of work?
Having worked as a geographer and geo-spatial application researcher, I've known for some time about the SERVIR program. So when the opportunity to join the team came along, it was a great chance to learn and expand my capacity in using geospatial applications. I'm fascinated by the concept of "Connecting Space to Village" by harnessing Earth observation and space technology in support of local government and people in protecting the environment.

What SERVIR activity are you currently working on?
I am working on the development of a regional land cover monitoring system. Land cover change at the regional or national level provides critical data for planning and development. The Regional Land Cover Monitoring System (RLCMS) can provide open, high-quality data at a high frequency. This new approach to deal with big data is advantageous in data processing and product development.

How does your work generate positive change?
The service of the RLCMS can be applied to help countries like Myanmar in their national Greenhouse Gas Emissions (GHG) reporting, which enables decision makers in-country to understand about the status of GHG in the country. Other services, such as crop type mapping, also contributes to agriculture planning and operational activities.