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SERVIR Launches Service Catalogue of User-Tailored Geospatial Services

Service Catalog launch text

Update: In September 2023 the official spelling was changed to Service Catalog.

SERVIR is improving access to the geospatial services it provides to inform decision making and improve resilience in critical areas like food security, water management, disaster resilience, and sustainable land and ecosystem management. The SERVIR Service Catalogue describes each service, providing easy access to associated products, tools, data, training materials, and news — connecting people to a wealth of information.

Banner image announcing the new Service Catalog, with link

Each service in the Service Catalogue has been developed through consultation and collaboration with partners around the world to bring NASA’s satellite imagery, geospatial data, and Earth science research into decision-making processes to achieve meaningful and lasting development impact. The co-developers of each service, as well as the broader users and stakeholders, can be found in each service entry.

The Service Catalogue also provides access to new data generated by each service, which is indexed in the SERVIR Data Catalogue. This open-source data is available to the public for free and is part of SERVIR’s efforts to increase data availability and accessibility critical to solving regional and national development problems.

The Service Catalogue reflects the SERVIR network’s unique service approach, which connects scientists and decision-makers to collaborate on solutions, helping to bridge gaps between these communities. The SERVIR Service Approach emphasizes:

  • Identifying specific development problems together with local communities to guide researchers
  • Co-developing geospatial services with decision-makers and end-users together with international researchers and experts
  • Building capacity of partners to achieve sustainability

This approach supports scalable, needs-based technical collaborations. The Service Catalogue provides access to the different tools and resources developed through this process, and will grow and evolve in step with SERVIR’s services.

Explore SERVIR’s Service Catalogue, learn more about SERVIR's Service Approach, or access SERVIR’s Service Planning Toolkit through the SERVIRGlobal website.