Period of Performance

November 2015 - Present

Photo credit: Pexels

ClimateSERV is a web-accessible system that allows users to access, visualize, and analyze historical Earth observations useful to decision-making across multiple sectors. It provides the ability to perform server-side statistical calculations across long time-series of Earth observation or modeling data over regions of interest defined by users. The resulting data can be used in interactive mode (with desktop analysis tools), or called by third-party applications through a custom API.


Users in many regions often suffer from poor internet connectivity and limited computing capacity, which are required to perform calculations over massive collections of imagery and forecast information. To alleviate the problem, ClimateSERV compiles several high value datasets that are frequently used in diverse decision-making scenarios. The application serves a wide range of users, including analysts at government institutions, scientists and researchers from academic fields, and geospatial application developers. The objective of the ClimateSERV service is to facilitate the use of geospatial data in specialized application scenarios. ClimateSERV offers an accessible approach to enable a wider portion of stakeholders to access and gain insights from the underlying weather and climate data.