Regional Stream Flow Monitoring and Forecasting Service

Period of Performance

2009 - 2023

The Regional Stream Flow Monitoring and Forecasting Service is designed to provide real-time streamflow forecasts for several watersheds in East Africa and bias-corrected satellite precipitation products to enable the timely prediction and monitoring of extreme events. The service employs multiple hydrological models, multiple satellite-derived precipitation products and other climatic data from CHIRPS, IMERG, TRMM, CMORPH, PERSIANN, and ECMWF to simulate streamflow products at different temporal scales. Products include streamflow forecast time series, bias corrected satellite precipitation, and visualization platforms with data download capabilities. These products help decision makers use geospatial products to complement in situ data and products in the areas of disaster management, water resources planning, and food security. The service builds the capacity of stakeholders on the use of the streamflow products to better plan and manage available water resources in the region.


Regions in Eastern and Southern Africa face issues related to flood and drought events. Natural and anthropogenic phenomena contribute to these issues, which are exacerbated by poor policies for developing water resources. A key limitation to water resources development is the paucity of data on water resources. Inadequate capacity in the collection, assessment and dissemination of data on water resources for developing, planning, and implementing projects further contributes to these limitations. Thus these institutions rely on limited in situ monitoring networks for decision making. Weak water resources monitoring networks and scarcity of reliable data on water resources in some of these areas contribute to inefficient water management practices. The coupling of available in situ data and knowledge with satellite-based estimates of historic and forecasted streamflow can help water resources managers make better informed decisions.